My first EVER Canvas!!

Well yesterday was one of those days where my 'get up and go had got up and gone!!' if you know what i mean!!My hubby was in a fly-fishing competition with Yorkshire Water at Fewston(which he won out of about 70 men!)So he was well pleased and happy last night,and my kids were with their friends.So what did i do???locked myself away in my craft room.I didnt have a clue what i was doing or going to do,i think i spent the first half hour just looking around!!(Such a saddo-Debbie i think you need to get a life!!!)lol
I wished i'd of took a picture of the room at the end as I had EVERYTHING out.Cuttlebug,melting pot,cricut!!!you name it it was out!!I just didnt have a clue!!
Anyway this is what the end result was!!
The canvas i think had been every colour possible,as i kept changing my mind.It HAD to end up red or it would of been black!!lol
Luckily for me ive loads of hearts. As you've probably guessed already with my blog i Lurve hearts, so this tied in nicely with the red.

For the butterfly I cut out two butterflies with the cuttlebug using grunge paper and dipped the top one into the melting pot.I didnt have a clue how this was going to turn out!!But it worked.The beads on the top are the spills of the melting pot!!Waste not want not!

The flower is of course 'GrungePaper' So many uses i love love it!!(as you gathered!!ha)

Again for the hearts I used the melting pot.The stamp used was a Hero stamp 'Heart Flourish'
Hope you like it.I think it turned out ok in the end.It very nearly got thrown out of the window at one point!!
Thanks for looking
Debbie xxx


Sally H said...

Wow! That's stunning Debbie! I have 3 as yet untouched canvases waiting for just such a moment, however I can't see it happening before christmas!

sue said...

this is absolutly fabulous verrrry romantic the red is great the grunge paper is great the butterfly is great infact its great lol x sue x

The Stamp Man said...

Another fantastic work of art Debbie, it's really lovely, absolutely all of it!

Jill x

flutterbycrafter said...

Absolutely stunning. You've done an amazing job here Debbie, very creative and a fantastic result. Ann xx

Christine said...

Gorgeous Debbie, I find that when you don't know what to play with you produce something really amazing.
You certainly have, I love it.
Christine xx

Leanne said...

Wow, this is absolutely amazing! I hope that one day I can make something this fantastic!

Can I ask - what is a melting pot? Also, do you have to file the edges of the coke cans after you have cut them to make them smooth or are they just sharp?

Many thanks

Unknown said...

Wow Debbie its fabulous - you should be running a canvas workshop when you do book me in first!

Julie Smith said...

Love your canvas Debbie, really fab

Unknown said...

Love it! That rose is stunning ... I have made loads ... but I think I may try dipping them in my melt pot too! Thank you for the inspiration!

lisa said...

Stunning Debbie. I had a great image of you surrounded by all the gadgets and gizmos. It's horrible when mojo takes a holiday isn't it, still you ended up with a lovely peice of work.
Love the grungepaper, I must get some to have a go.


Michelle said...

This is amazing Debbie, and such clever use of the melt pot and grungepaper. Do you fancy doing a workshop for us - could do with a few more ideas!!

x Michelle

Kaz said...

That's lovely. Do you have a tutorial to make the rose from grungepaper at all? I'd love to try it.

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