A Christmas Bauble with a twist.

How to- Step by Step
Firstly what you need are wooden baubles,a photo,utee,and gold ep ,gold dabber paint and a heat gun
Cut out Photo to shape of the bauble and glue on.I then painted the edges with gold paint and put on two coats of clear utee over the photo.
You can also decorate the back.Here i used the clear utee then a coat of the gold embossing powder and stamped into it.Then i added a few embelishments to decorate and threaded the ribbon

A Handmade Christmas gift

Christmas cards at the ready

I just love this years christmas stamp i have used.A Father Christmas just how you would imagine him to look.Trouble is i dont want to part with them,because he looks soo real

It looks good in the pink and teal colours too,instead of the usual red and green

Wow a bumper blog tonight!!

Last nite i was designing this years christmas cards,but i cant decide the colours to use.mmmm(thinking!!!)
Anyway after playing with all sorts of colours and being really fed up with the usual traditional red and green and being called a WEIRDO! last year by my very "NICE"! brother for doing them black and white ive sort of decided on these colours.
Yes!!! you've guessed it PINK and TURQUIOSE

But i could change my mind yet!!!SO watch this space

A Concertina Book

Here i have used the Starburst stains 'Victorian Bouquet' and Kay Carleys stamp sheet by Aspects of Design 'Daisy Daydreams '

A photo frame,a card and a concertina book.

All three of these i did for a project one weekend.

For the photo frame i painted with adirondack dabber paint raspberry.Then i spritzed with a gold starburst stain to give it a glimmer effect and etched with gold using a gold pigment ink pad.I then stamped with the heart stamps which are from woodware clear stamps.The larger hearts are done with ultra thick and moonglow embossing powders.The one on the left i then stamped into while still warm with the heart stamps and added the wings and crown.The beads are paper beads i made with left over scraps from the starburst stains.

Here i have used one of my favourite stamps from Aspects of Design 'Botanical'.I have used ultra thick and moonglow embossing powders then stamped into it while still warm.The center i have added micro beads.For the background papers i have made using Starburst stains 'Japanese Garden'
This is the concertina book.For this i have again used 'Summer in the Orient' by Non Seq.For this i actually used the adirondack ink pads but then spritzed with a gold starburst stain to give a shimmering effect.

This effect is done using ultra thick embossing powder and moonglow.Then being stamped into with the image while still warm.I just love doing this.The picture doesnt do it justice.

Thankyou cards

Here i have used the poppy stamp from the Aspects of Design sheet 'Botanical'.I must admit it is one of my all time favourites.The papers i have used i have made myself using the starburst stains.This particular colour is 'May Day Meadows'.Also with the left over scraps i made my own beads.
The stamp i have used here is from the Non Seq stamp sheet 'Summer in the Orient'.I have also used the starburst stain 'Japanese Garden'
This butterfly stamp is also from 'Summer in the Orient'.The images have been painted with the starburst stains May Day Meadows.

Cards for My penfriend Kiyomi who lives in Japan

On both cards i used the fabulous Starburst Stains.They have such a range of fabulous colours.If you like to make things yourself from scratch and don't mind getting your hands messy in the process, then these are certainly for you.There are so many fabby techniques for the stains to create so many different affects.Then with the left overs you can make your very own paper beads.

Cards for Create and Craft using Moonshadow inks

Here i have used Moonshadow inks and the Aspects of Design Botanical stamp sheet.
The ink colours i have used is Violaceous Violet ink and Phantom Fushcia Mist.

Firstly in the above card i stamped white card and embossed in gold embossing powder .Then i added the ink for the stamped image to show through or resist the ink.
On this card above i used the moonshadow mist for the background.The butterflies were embossed in moonglow embossing powders.
The colour of embossing powder on both these cards i used was 'midnight gold obsidian' and on the dragonfly below was 'midnight violet obsidian' .Paper beads were added as embellishments made by the left over papers.

And a boxerlope.
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