Dreamweaver Class

Hi Again,
This was the card we did in the dreamweaver class.I really enjoyed this one as ive only ever had a go once before with embossing paste.I loved this swirl stencil AND we got to keep it too!!So guess what i bought today??? A palette knife.So watch this space,more will be appearing soon!!

We used blue embossing paste for this card then sprinkled with glitter.For the Dove we used pigment ink then put over the swirl stencil and used blue pigment ink.So effective.Actually at first glance I thought the dove was velum.

The stencils used were:

Swirl LJ896 Wording LG 696
Dove LL594

Thanks again
Debbie xx


Lynne K said...

That's really beautiful. Love that swirl stencil. Yes, I thought the dove must be on vellum too. Very effective.

Sally H said...

Stunning, Debbie! So pretty x

lisa said...

Wow Debbie. This is gorgeous. It's taken me awhile to work out how you've done it, think I'm a bit thick today but the pennies dropped now. The dove really does look like vellum. This is one technique I'm going to go and try out asap. Sounds like a brilliant class


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