An Exploding Box

I know Jill collects boxes,but i bet she hasnt one quite like this or as small.
The measurements of the closed box are 1.75''x3'' tall

For the outside panels i stamped with Aspects of Design Sheet 49 Japanese Dragonfly Dreams For the inside panels of the box i used Aspects of Design Sheet 39-Dainty Dragonflies
Oh and i cant forget one of my 'shrunken alcoholic flowers 'on the lid!!
While blog browsing on friday i came across a little more inspiration!(Oh NO!not MORE)!!!It was on exploding boxes.I have seen them before, but never quite as stunning as these and i thought it would be perfect to combine with the pigment powders.The instructions and measurements are HERE. I was really surprised at how small it was,as it is all made from a piece of A4 card.
Thankyou Elaine for the inspiration

Bye for now

Debbie xx


angelwhispers said...

What a beautiful box Debbie! must have took a lot a patience but well worth it!! Love it xx

Bee and Dee said...

This is wonderful debbie, a real masterpiece. I think I will have to have a go at it. Mant thanks for the inspiration Bee and Dee

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Debbie another stunner thanks for sharing I must have a go at this!

lisa said...

This is stunning Debbie, it must have taken you hours, especially being so small. It certainly is a masterpiece, Jill must be thrilled!


sue said...

hi debbie love your blog thanks for your comments on mine the box is beautiful so neat and stunningly pretty look forward to more from sue

AliMayes said...

This is a gorgeous box Debbie and I thought you might like to know that I picked your tag for the sampler for the Tag It On ChallengeAli xx

Nicki said...

WOW this is sooo gorgeous! love it

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