The Brights!

Ive now managed to get my hands on the bright Alcohol Inks and this afternoon i spent making flower after flower.I'm surprised my heat gun didnt blow up!!!
The colours are so lovely.


The Stamp Man said...

Wow Debbie, you have been busy. They look lovely colours! So clever.

Jill x

Debbie Dolphin said...

thanks jills.half are for you!!

The Stamp Man said...

A bunch of flowers for moi? Thank you!

I'll have to have a think of what I'm going to do with them, oh, I can't wait to get them, a nice little challenge me thinks:)

Thanks again, they must have taken you hours to make!

Jill x

angelwhispers said...

Yours flowers are Fab Debbie xx
(Must have took you ages)

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