Christmas Cards for my feline friends.

Well I couldnt resist this stamp when I saw it at Harrogate back in September.Although we didnt have our kitten then I knew it would be purrfect! for a few of my friends!
I have done an easel card again(just loving these at the mo!)

The greeting stamp is one I have had for a few years and I think is Stampendous.The snowflakes I punched out.Please shout at me if im still using them in the summer !!!lol

and finally the next card is more of a joke!! When my Mum saw the stamp of the cat in a bra,she asked me if I could make it into a Christmas card for her neighbour who apparently dislikes cats and they have some sort of joke between the two of them about another neighbour hanging her sexy smalls on the line!!!!(No don't ask they really do worry me!!!)

and before I bore you to death-on the subject of kittens here's our little Leo now 4 months.He looks so sweet on this pic,but he is becoming quite mischievous and has taken quite a likening to the chair in my craftroom!!!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a fab weekend!

Bye for now

Debbie xxx


Tracey Coates said...

Love the cards Debbie, but I have fallen in love with Leo, he is so gorgous he looks like a Main Coon if he is you are going to have one BIG family member. My cat is black with great big amber eyes I shall have to find a nice photo.
Lots of Hugs
Tracey xx

Sally H said...

All beautiful, Debbie, especially Leo! The cat in the bra really tickled me!

Bee and Dee said...

Lovely cards. My debbie is planning to do cats this year they are all stamped and ready wait for it to be made into easel cards. take care Bee

Christine said...

Beautiful cards Debbie, and Leo is lovely, it doesn't seem long ago since you brought him home. I remember Jill telling me about him when I was at The Stampman in October.
Christine xx

The Stamp Man said...

Your cards are lovely as usual Debbie. Don't worry, we will save you from yourself and hide your snowflake punch by the Spring:)

Leo is soooooo cute! I can't believe he is 4 months old now. Hope he is still behaving himself:) He looks a real cuddly bundle of fluffiness!!

Jill x

Lynne K said...

These are fab, Debbie. They all brought a smile to my face. Know what you mean about easel cards. Relatively easy to make but they look so good.

lisa said...

Hi Debbie. Your cards are fantastic. You keep using the snowflakes!!!!
I love the cat in the bra!!
Leo is just the most gorgeous puss I've ever seen, he's adorable. You wait 'till he starts crafting with you like mine does.
Hope you have a good week.


angelwhispers said...

Love the cards Debbie especially the cat in the bra looks fab for xmas!! Leo!! Oh my he looks so cute, I put my tree up yesterday one was sat in the middle!! lol and the kitten was batting bauble's round the room "now that's naughty" seems you have an Angel!! xx

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