I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!!!

Yes I truly am!!I can't remember the last time we had snow on Christmas Day.It would be just perfect . Its just a week too early!!!

Below are some wine glass charms I have made from my snowflake punch and shrink plastic.Ive also added a little glossy accents and glitter for that extra sparkle.I saw some in a shop and they were £9.99 for 6.!!!!So I got my re-cycling head on again and set to work!!!

I actually added a bell on mine just so I can hear any little thieves having a taste!!!lol

Also while on the subject of snowflakes,Ive just noticed this card matches by background!!!lol
This is what I call my quick and easy card and Ive made quite a few like this in different colours too.All Ive done is used the white core coloured card and run through my cuttlebug with the snowflakes folder.Then i sanded the top slightly with a sanding block for the white to show through.So simple but effective.Embellished with...yes you guesssed it 'snowflakes'!!!lol

The stamp is another old stamp by heroarts
I think that may be just about it with the Christmas Cards!!!for this year
Debbie xxx


lisa said...

Hi Debbie. You've been so busy, I've lots to catch up with today. I love your tags, I could do with "borrowing" some of these, I've not got any done yet and time is running out!
Your bauble is stunning, I know what you mean about being fed up with cards. That Santa stamp is just lovely.
All your other cards are lovely too, they match your blog background perfectly!!
I hope this comment makes sense, I'm just listening to a repeat of Tery Wogan's sign off again from this morning's programme with tears pouring down my face, soft I know but it is an end of an era.

Your soppy blog pal!


Lynne K said...

Love the wine glass charms. What a good idea to use the shrink plastic for them. And the cards are lovely. Do I detect a sigh of relief with the last sentence?! I've still got 3 more cards to make, then I'm done.

Sally H said...

Fabulous, Debbie! Wonderful snowflakes and all coordinating with your background, too! Love those charms - very classy!

Teresa Kline said...

these are cute and I luv the red and white card with snowflakes....we have 30 inches of snow, we got it yesterday......haven't seen snow like this in 20 years....Merry Christmas!

enjoy *~*

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