Great Show today

Hi all
Well what a great day ive had today.Ive always loved helping at Harrogate and today was even better as I had a nice surprise at 8AM this morning as the man himself was in the back of the car (Mr Stampman)!!!
He doesn't normally come (well not when Im there as I think he has enough of me through the week!!!LOL) so it was lovely to see him there! and of course Jill and Caroline who is lovely too and is always so bubbly. It really is great to work with them all.
Anyhow Im home now and my feet are still throbbing!!Tea was made by my gorgeous hubby bless him!!! and wine was poured but all I wanted was a cup of tea!!!lol but the wine is flowing now!!
Anyway I wasn't going to blog tonight as I have nothing to show really, but I want to mention the sheet below.This is one of the new sheets from The Stampman's range 'Aspects of Design' designed by Tracey Coates and please go HERE to look at one of the cards. Isnt it just fab.It was made by VIX.
What a fab job Vix has done and Im so jealous because she has got them before me!!!!!lol no envious!! ha
No really Vix it's so stunning what you have done.

and this is what I bought (when I was let loose!!They really do know me!!)You know me and my charms.I lurrrve them!

To see the the other new sheet please click HERE
Bye for now and if you get chance to go to Harrogate tomorrow go it's a fab show.
Debbie xxx


Vixykins said...

Ahh bless ya petal! I wondered if you'd mentionned me here as I've had a sudden rush of hits coming from your blog lol!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours particularly the heart stamp as that has your name all over it :D

Tristan Robin said...

terrific stamp plate ... and, from the other blog, it looks as if there's a fab swirly-heart shape.


Dawn said...

Hi Debbie
Well it sounds like you had a great day - Jealous!! LOL


Unknown said...

Would love to know what you were up to in Harrogate? Thanx for your visit to my blog

Love Dawn xx

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