A Shrink Plastic Tutorial

Well here it is as promised.A step by step on shrink plastic.I love having a play with this.It is so versitle.It reminds me of when i was little,when we used to shrink Seabrook crisps packets on a safety pin and wear it as a badge,though somehow I could never get it just right.
Below I have made embellishments and buttons,to coardinate with the stamps I have used on my cards.The easiest way is to do lots in one go then store away with the rest of your embellishments.I have used both white,black and transulcent shrink plastic.

Step 1:Stamp images on shrink plastic.Here i have used a black stazon ink pad.On the japanese doll, i coloured them in before I shrank it.But dont forget to colour lightly as the colour intensifies when shrunk.

Step 2:Cut out each shape and punch two holes in centre.(only do this for the ones you want to use as buttons.)

Step 3:Use heat tool to shrink each piece down.I also use a wooden stick for this part just to hold in place.

Step 4:On these particular pieces i have coloured with alcohol inks.The colours were Wild Plum and Gold.Let dry thoroughly.

The finished result.Lovely vibrant embellishments to coardinate with your projects.

Please call back to see these pieces being used in up and coming projects.


Rainbow Lady said...

Love these Oriental dolls Debbie they look great. Thanks for comments on my blog too. One main blog, my challenge blog and the one for my slide shows when I take them off the blogs and the other nothing as yet. lol Yes I do have a lot don't I crazy woman that I am and Yorkshire born and bred too. Love Cynthia x

Enfys said...

You make this look so easy, whenever I use shrink plastic it takes on an evil personality of it's own! Your embellishments are gorgeous

Rachel said...

Love your idea for shrink plastic flowers. I never thought of using Alcohol Inks on shrink. Thanks for your comments on my blog - the hangers you ask about were from www.craftyindividuals.co.uk

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