Saturday At Magnolia Sweden

Hi There
Well Im back with pics from my first EVER workshop in my life!!
Its not something I will make a habit of, but being in Sweden was a bonus and I had the most loveliest of ladies on my first workshop.
This was a picture before we began. Me on the left, Angela, Monique, Camilla,  Alberto,Lillemor and Chris..(Why the hell im posing with my hand on my hip!?!?! I dont know)!!LOL
Meeting these lovely people was just the best. Though we did become well equainted when we were all trapped in the lift when we got there with EDWIN (yes the real Edwin)!! funny

Then the workshop began!!! ARggghhhh
We were in a lovely quiet room at the side of the main shop and I couldnt of wished for a better group of amazing girlies.
My first workshop was in Sepia, so all we used was Walnut Stain and Black Soot Distress Inks.
One of them was Louise who I have been with on MDUC with for the last three years. To actually finally meet her was one of the highlights of my day,but I think she saw me at my worst!!!ha ha (nerves, squeaky voice, red eyes with no sleep)!!! ha ha ah...oh and the shaky hand!!!!
The rest were great and were so lovely with me. They were from the left
Marijke from Holland, Hana and Sarka from the Czech Republic, Louise and Annette from Sweden.

 and this is what they did!!! WOW.....AMAZING
In the afternoon the 2nd workshop began. Again the ladies were just as amazing. Two of them had even camped outside the whole night in their campervan in the Car Park!!! and their men too!! hee hee....just fabulous..(((wave to them too)) :-)
They were Susanne, Lisa, Jeanette, Lisa and Monica

and this is what they did :)
As Brucy says 'Didnt they do well'... Oh yes they certainly did :)
Thankyou to all of you ladies. You made my day extra special :)
Back soon with day 2


Fleur said...

Oh Debbie, these photos are gorgeous, you look stunning and WOW you got a Magnolia top. So wish I could have come. Let me know if you do another & I'll defo be there. HUGZ Fleur xXx

Kirsty said...

Hi Wow you look great next to the pretty Christmas tree a picture to treasure ! The workshop looks great and everyone's projects are perfect ;0) x

ElizabethR said...

Wow they are all gorgeous, clever bunch! What a fab workshop to play in you lucky Lady. Love the hand on the hip lol. Elizabeth xxx

creacora said...

That looks great Deb wow a lot of international ladys and man that's amazing love the sepia work snowman ! Its nice you enjoy this trip ..
Hugs cora

Maris said...

woww great pictures, you pose like a real model hihi xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Oh Debbie what a fabulous read! I love that you enjoyed yourself, and what amazing creations you all made! Brilliant and so pleased for you! Judy x

lisa said...

What lovely photos of you, Debbie. You look super confident.
What gorgeous projects the ladies did, I bet they were thrilled with them. You'll be off doing workshops all the time now.
Hugs Lisax

Lucy Edmondson said...

Congratulations on your first workshop and I bet it was great! We had friends for dinner once who got trapped in the lift when they left at 1 am and created a din, waking the whole building. We had to get the firebrigade out,

Lucy x

Exclusively by Mel said...

Brilliant! looked like so much fun, and great memories to treasure xxx
So glad you had a great time lovely ;)
Love, Mel. xxx

Unknown said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself and the ladies' creations are stunning! Isn't the home interior shop fab? Almost as nice as the scrapbooking part of the store, but only almost! :-) I have a pic from last year of my sis standing in front of that tree. She works at a home interior store so she was busy in that part while I was roaming around checking out all the stamps and other goodies!


Pop's Cards said...

Photos are amazing looks like you had a fabulous time sweetie, can yo come and teach me now :0)) huggles Pops x x

Chris_P said...

Louise is a sweetie!! I´m lucky to live near her here in Sweden. Looks like you had a great day!

Lillemor said...

I love your photos Debbie! Such a sweet memory to cherish!!! I know that people who joined your workshops were so happy after <3 They should be, you´re supertalented- AND such a kind and warm person aswell!
I am so happy I´ve met you.
Take care!
Love Lillemor

Lou said...

Hi! really lovely photos Debbie and thanks so much for sharing.
Wow love the gorgeous creations,looks like everyone had a great time and what a talented team.hugs Lou.xxxx

Pia said...

Hi Debbie!
Just whant to say thanks for a fantastic workshop at Magnolia. I´m really trying to add mor black now when I paint :-)
Hugs PysselPia

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a good WS.Lovely snowman and paper and dies to the tag.I hope you come back next year,Debbie!
Hug Jeanette

Teresa said...

Gorgeous pictures Debbie, I'm so pleased you enjoyed yourself, who wouldn't though eh? I think you've lived all our dreams :o)
the shop looks amazing I would love to visit it, maybe when I win the lottery lol.
Hugs Teresa xx

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