A Sneaky Peek

Ive had such a busy weekend and i have sooooo neglected my family!!!!(im such a cruel mum).I'm going to have to shut the door on my room for a few days as it's drawing me in all the time at the moment.I really dont know what is up with me, as my mojo seems to be on overdrive.Iam constantly thinking of what i can make next.There is soo much inspiration on everyones blogs!I think im going to have to ban myself from blogging too!!!
Anyhow this is one(of many things) i have made this weekend and it is for Jill.I cannot put the full pictures on yet as i havent given it to her yet.So you will have to come back.All i can say it is very interesting!!hee hee and fiddly!!She asked me to do something else with the pigment powders so i have and it's NOT a card!

Also my hubby wanted me to post something else so it would take his pic of other peoples blogs who have to linked mine to theirs!!!!ha ha (he got a bit of a shock last night when he saw a pic of himself on someone else's blog.He was looking over my shoulder cos he saw someone with a fish !then realised it was him!!!ha ha it was sooooo funny!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for looking x



The Stamp Man said...

Ummm, I'm, puzzled, as well as excited to see what it is! You've used one of your lovely flowers on it too. Thank you in advance:)

Jill x

lisa said...

I know what you mean about all the inspiration out there on everyone's blogs, there are so many talented people in the world. I think I spot an alcohol inked flower!!!!! Can't wait to see the whole creation.


The Stamp Man said...

Have you guessed what it is yet?

I know what it is now! I told Debbie today that when I saw this post, I nearly sneaked away so as not to spoil the surprise! I was puzzled to what it could be, best I could come up with was an 1" square box, only because of the size of the shrink plastic flower on the top.

Debbie can show you it now. I didn't expect anything as wonderful as this! It is absolutely fantastic and must have taken hours to make it. I bet it WAS very fiddly to make!

It really is so pretty and well made. I've asked permission to show it on The Stamp Man blog too. Isn't blogging wonderful when you can share stuff like this.

Thank you SO much Debbie! You're a real *star*, there will be no peel off tidying up for you EVER, well maybe for quite a long time:)

Jill x

Debbie Dolphin said...

Ian can do the peel off tidying.I know how much he loves them!!!
tee hee

Sarah Anderson said...

Love this box Debbie,

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