Tutorial on Gold Leafing!

Well I said I would be back with a Tutorial on Gold Leafing/Gilding. I just love the effect it adds to your cards,especially during the festive season. For years I could never quite get the fine stamps i.e. text stamps to work and had tried everything from glue pads to stamp and bond !!!but nothing worked for me!!!

THIS.............. 'Duo Embellishing Adhesive' by 'USArtquest'
I just love the stuff!!
I went on a day course with Jill from The Stampman last year, as the owner from ArtQuest, Sue Pickering Rothamel was over in the UK and demoing at Woodware. I cant believe this had been under my nose in the shop for years and I had never tried it before!!! Well I finally found something that worked with gilding flakes!!

I used a piece of cut 'n' dry foam and added a few drops of the Duo Adhesive and then inked my stamp up just like you do with any other ink pad.

Stamp onto a piece of cardstock. Ive used black here ,as it showed up better for the pictures.

Remove the stamp and you will see it is cloudy white in colour. This means it is not quite ready for the gold leaf! Wait a couple of minutes for it to dry and if you are impatient like I am, use a heatgun for a couple of seconds. This was quite funny on the day as Sue had a saying ,' When it dries clear it will adhere!!' which made Jill and I chuckle, as I think it was stuck in our heads the rest of the day! (Well it did with me!!! LOL)

Once it  had dried clear, cover over with the gilding flakes and used a stiff brush (but not too stiff) and brush away the excess. I found a Dreamweaver stencil brush is great for this.

This is how it should look once finished.


I also tried it on different types of cardstock. It looked particulary good on Kraft too.

You can buy all the products I have used at The Stampman.
(I think Jill is currently on with a new website opening anytime. But they are taking telephone orders)

Hope my Tutorial was useful
Bye for now
Debbie xxx


Inkypinkydelights said...

Thanks for the Tutorial Debbie. I will digest this later but at a glance it looks really brilliant! Judy x

Renkata said...

So stunning and awesome tutorial.

craftymum said...

great tutorial Thanks Debbie
sarah x

Chris said...

Great tutorial Debbie, you make it look so easy :)! I haven't tried gold leaf and now I know what to use, I'll have to try it out. Hugs, Chris xx

Daniele said...

great tutorial, thank you, I love gilding flakes but like you have never really got to grips with them......will try this

kelly said...

Thanks for the tutorial,Debbie.
The effect is beautiful,must give it a try.

lisa said...

Oh wow, Debbie, what a great tutorial. The gilded text looks amazing. I NEED some of that glue and will definitely be giving Jill a ring. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is good with you. I don't seem to have so much blogging time anymore so apologies for not stopping by as much.
Hugs Lisax

Nelly said...

Oh Wow at last a very informative "how to" use the guilding flakes, i will definitely give this a try!!!.. thank you s
much for sharing :))) X

The Stamp Man said...

Great tutorial Debbie! You explained it very clearly, I don't think any one else will forget the clear/adhere bit now:D

Jill x

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi Debbie, fab tutorial hun, great effects I have gold leaf and have never found anything to make it stick either, thanks for the tip, hugs Liz xx

Jane said...

Oh wow Debbie this looks so amazing and so much better than gold embossing!! right...off to buy those products now - I MUST try this! thanks for sharing! hugs, Jane x

Christine said...

Thanks for the tutorial Debbie, I have had gilding flakes for a while but got round to using them.
Must take a look at Jill's new website.
Christine xx

Love crafts forever said...

Very nice tutorial, i need to get this glue.
Hugs Nataliya

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