Really Excited!!!

Oh Dear what have i done(that's what i will be telling myself this time next week!!!)Tonight we are collecting our little kitten!Ive never had a cat before,aways had horses,dogs and budgies!!So a little nervous but really really looking forward to it.He is absolutely gorgeous and will most definately be the most spoilt kitten around.I don't know who is the most excited me or the kids!!
Here is the card I have made for the lovely lady we are getting him from.She fosters cats for cats protection and he was born in her care.
The stamp is by Penny black and probably one of the first ones i ever bought years ago and still one of my favourites and purr-fect!! for this occasion

Here he is with Sophie.We have named him Leo (because he was born in August) and is so fluffy.

So i will be kitten sitting or should i say sofa,curtain and eveything else watching this weekend!!!

Bye for now

Debbie xxx


Unknown said...

good luck Debbie LOl we have always had cats so am more familiar with them than all your other pets. Our present cat Sid Im sure has a split personality as one minute hes the cutie and next hes a nightmare! Oh and he loves sitting on the desk in front of me when Im trying to craft so be warned. Leo looks a little cutie im sure he will give you all hours of fun and lots of love x Janet

angelwhispers said...

Oh so cute Debbie!! we had a new little kitten this year "Tiger Lily" my daughter's cat you see. she is beautiful so loving. Have fun!!!! lol xxx Love the thank you card as well it's one of my favourites as well.

flutterbycrafter said...

Lovely card Debbie, the lady will be thrilled with it. Good luck with the kitten, you'll probably need it, he looks gorgeous.

lisa said...

Hi Debbie. Leo is so adorable. You won't regret it, cats are great, except when they are driving you nuts!!!! We got our two from the CPL last year and it was the first time I'd had cats too, we always had dogs before I was married. One of them was a kitten, Oscar, born in his Foster Mum's care too and I was talked into having his Mum, Nerys, aswell. She's fab, loving and no trouble but Oscar is a real handful and drives his poor Mum crazy, she gets no peace and he's so much bigger than she is now. Although you can't be house proud, there's always hair about and lumps out of the rug I wouldn't be without them and the great things is you don't have to take them for walks in the rain!!!!
Enjoy Leo while he's so small, they grow really fast.
Have fun and your card is so lovely, your CPL lady will love it, they work so hard don't they!


Kaz said...

Oh he really is cute, I can see he'll be very loved. Fab card, I bet the lady doesn't get many like that!

The Stamp Man said...

Leo is lovely Debbie, hope he is settling in OK. Looks like you will have fun prising him away from Sophie:)

Jill x

Michelle said...

Hi Debbie
A cut cart and a cute kittie, Sophie looks so much like you, she's beautiful.
Hope you enjoy the addition to the family.
x Michelle

sue said...

good luck with leo he looks an imp love the card x sue x

Christine said...

Lovely photos of Leo & Sophie, heard all about him from Jill. I am sorry I missed you on Saturday, only by minutes apparently, maybe we will meet when I am in the area next year (that's me wishing).
Christine xxx

lisa said...

Hi Debbie. It was lovely to see you yesterday. We really enjoyed our shopping.
Just thought I'd let you know have the cuttlebug hearts at £11.99.
Have a lovely weekend, even if it is a bit wet!!


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