Recipe for the Toffee

1 cup of butter
1lb of brown sugar
1 cup of golden syrup
1 14oz can condensed milk

Combine in sauce pan and bring to boil over medium heat. Boil until ready.You can keep testing when you think its ready by cooling in a cup of cold water, then pour into a buttered 9"x13" pan. Allow time to cool prior to cutting.

When ready for cutting,cube into small squares.

When cut up get some wax paper, ribbon and lots of wooden hearts to decorate.You also need cellophane bags for the toffee sweets.Here i have stamped my bags using white stazon with hearts and lips.
Stamp the waxpaper with hearts etc

Then cut up into squares ready to wrap up the toffees

Here is the finished result. mmmmmmm yummy!!!!

Now they are ready to give to loved ones


Dawn said...

Hiya Debbie

Calvin is THE mouse about town!!! ROFL!!
Mmmm love your toffee - I used to make fudge using Carnation Milk but the last two times I tried to make it it didn't set and I have made it for years then I noticed on the carnation milk tin it said Improved Recipe - mmm! me thinks it;s not improving my fudge - haven't made it since!! Grrr!!

Debbie said...

Hi Debbie - thank you for your sweet comment on my new range of Faith stamps...I must say I am very pleased with them

Your toffee looks yummy..Mmmmm, it's making me feel hungry just looking at them. :) Love your cellophane parcels too - the perfect finishing touch. :)


Hope to see you at the crafty pad challenge. :)

Unknown said...

Very clever! I'm hopeless in the kitchen and admire all you clever peeps that can do this kind of stuff.
(I suppose I could BUY the toffe and make the bags)! Hee Hee
Viv xx

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